Our People

Our charity is a registered (No 1051674) and a limited company (No 3133015).  Ostley House is inspected by the Care Quality Commission.  

We therefore have to follow strict rules on how we run ourselves, care for people and use our funds.  Our Board of Directors provides effective governance for the organisation and ensures the strategic direction and planning of the charity is successful.

The Board of Directors currently has the following trustees:

  • Ms M Reynolds (Chair)
  • Mr P Laing (Vice-Chair)
  • Mrs W Robinson (Finance Director)
  • Mr G Postlethwaite
  • Dr G Jolliffe
  • Mr A Treharne
  • Mrs L Coleman

The Society currently employs 70 members of staff and is supported by 20 volunteers.

Normally, at least one third of the members of the Board of Directors are visually impaired people and as volunteers have a range of professional skills.  The Board of Directors meets 10 times a year.

Reporting to the Board of Directors is the Chief Executive, Mr Carl Hodge.  The Chief Executive has delegated operational responsibility from the Board for the day-to-day running of the organisation.  He is supported by a senior management team.  

The team comprises; Mrs Helen Silver who is the Registered Manager of our residential home, Ostley House; Mrs Maggie Nelson our Vision Support Team Leader; and Mrs Elaine Rollinson who is our Office Manager.