“Vision Support Barrow and District was there for me when I needed it the most.  I want it to be there for others”.

A gift to us in your will gives hope.

Sight loss can be frightening and isolating, the simplest tasks, such as finding your way around the kitchen can be daunting.  Lifelong hobbies, reading, baking, looking at old photographs, seem impossible and stepping outside suddenly becomes overwhelming.   

With the right support, people can adapt, maintain independence and live life to the full.  A gift in your will ensures that this support will be there for generations to come.  

When is the right time to make a will?

Now is the best time because it is never the wrong time.  The future is unpredictable and the only way you can be certain that your wishes are met is to make a will.  In a will, you can make sure that those you love and the causes closest to your heart are looked after and someone you trust will make sure your wishes are met.   

Don’t worry that by making your will too early in life you are prevented from dealing with all of the changes life will throw at you; births, deaths, marriages, retirement.  It is as easy to change your will as it is to make one in the first place.   

Make an appointment to see a solicitor whilst the thought is fresh in your mind.

Legacies provide a vital part of our income and we could not carry out our work without them.  After making provision for your family and friends, please consider leaving a gift for Vision Support Barrow and District in your Will.  

Whatever its size, your gift will help us to make a real difference.

We would like to offer our sincerest thanks if you have decided to support the work of our charity in your Will.

Be part of our legacy.