Ostley House Dementia Village

THE UK’s first sight loss dementia village, complete with cinema, virtual bus and pub, has officially opened its doors to the public.

Ostley House, which is run by the Barrow & Districts Society for the Blind, has finished its £400,000 expansion plan after five years of planning.

The specially designed village provides patients with the dual diagnosis of sight loss and dementia specialist care in a modern setting which caters for their individual needs.

Plans to extend the facility, which will be called Bradbury Village in honour of its main benefactor the Bradbury Foundation, into a dual-purpose care home have been in fruition since 2014.

Construction officially began in March 2019 following years of discussions and fundraising.

The dementia village consists of a dining room area, cafe, cinema room, virtual bus ride and shop.

Helen Silver, manager of Ostley House, described the expansion as ‘exceeding all their expectations’.

She said: “Our aim was to make Ostley House into a community rather than a care home which I think we have achieved.

ref: NWE Mail: https://www.nwemail.co.uk/news/18105910.uks-first-ever-sight-loss-dementia-village-opens-doors-public/