To raise funds and awareness for:

Barrow and Districts Society for the Blind, registered charity 1051674

Vision Support Centre: An Information and support hub providing a wide range of services and practical support for visually impaired people and their families within the local community.

Vision Support Team: Supporting over 800 visually impaired people in the community.

Ostley House Residential Care Home: Providing quality care and support to elderly residents affected by visual impairment and/or dementia.

Mrs Motivator aka Ostley House Manager

Join Mrs Motivator and her willing staff team on this our 1st of many charity fun walks, and lets make it a day of merriment and mirth. Fancy dress optional.


This is the 1st year of our fundraising sponsored walk to raise awareness for people and their families in our local community affected by visual impairment and/or dementia.

The 4 Mounds is an 11 mile sponsored charity walk starting at Barrow in Furness, continuing to Dalton in Furness and finishing at Ulverston.

Walkers Guide

This event is a fun walk not a race and should be carried out at a pace that you are comfortable with. We suggest you wear appropriate and comfortable footwear and be aware of potential changing weather conditions. Refreshments and toilet facilities are provided on route, there will be Marshals and St Johns Ambulance staff to guide and support participants, please follow the designated routes which will be signposted, trackers will be handed out at the start of the walk to enable the organisers to monitor where walkers are along the route. Please keep dogs on leads.

We want you to enjoy and have a great time and keep safe, if you have any health concerns about entering this event please discuss with you GP prior to registration.

4 Mound Challenge Route

Start of 4 Mounds Challenge in Barrow in Furness :

1st Mound and Checkpoint 1 – Slag Bank: Ormsgill Lane, Barrow in Furness, LA14 5UY – open 11.00am to 12.00pm. Please note, we can not accept walkers to enter the event from 12.00 onward.

Barrow’s infamous ‘Slag bank’ is a lasting reminder of the town’s industrial past, Iron prospector Henry Schneider arrived in Furness in 1839 and, with other investors, opened the Furness Railway in 1846 to transport iron ore and slate from local mines to the coast.

Participants to enter the slag bank entrance from the A590.

This is the drop of point only, it is not possible to park. On arrival and after drop off, marshals will guide you under Cocken Bridge, and towards the 1st Checkpoint on the Slag Bank.

After completing the Slag Bank, walkers will head towards James Freel Court, continuing to Iron Works Road. When walkers reach the A590, they will be met by a marshal who will guide them across the pedestrian crossing.

From here, walkers will head back into Barrow using the A590, following on to Duke Street.

Walkers are to proceed down Duke Street, until they reach Ramsden Square.  At Ramsden Square roundabout, they will be greeted by a Marshal who will direct walkers towards Abbey Road.

Walkers will follow Abbey Road until they reach Barrow Park.

Mound 2 – Cenotaph Steps

Checkpoint 2 – Barrow Park Bandstand

The Cenotaph was built in 1919 in commemoration of the 616 Barrovian men who lost their lives in combat during World War I, however since then the names of 274 more locals have been added (268 of these being fatalities of World War II and 6 of the Korean War)

Walkers will be guided by a marshal to proceed to the Bandstand, at the Bandstand walkers will check in at checkpoint 2.

After checking in, walkers will ascend up the Cenotaph Steps, completing Mound 2 of the challenge.

After reaching the Cenotaph walkers will leave Barrow Park via the Abbey Road exit.

After exiting Barrow Park and completing Mound 2, Walkers will continue following Abbey Road to Dalton in Furness.

As walkers pass Ostley House Residential Care Home located on Abbey Road, care staff will be on hand to provide refreshment and support.

Continuing towards Dalton in Furness walkers are faced with the challenge of climbing the notorious Mill Brow.

When walkers reach the top of Mill Brow they will descend down, heading towards the historic town of Dalton in Furness.

Before entering the town, walkers will arrive at the junction for Cemetery Hill. A marshal will greet the walkers and direct them up the 3rd Mound, Cemetery Hill

Mound 3 – Cemetery Hill

Checkpoint 3 – Summit of Cemetery Hill, Dalton in Furness

Over decades Daltonians have had to face the never-ending climb up Cemetery Hill, thankfully there is a bench half way up the hill for walkers to rest and take refreshment if needed.

When walkers reach the 3rd checkpoint at the top of Cemetery Hill, they will have completed Mound 3 of the challenge.

Walkers will then descend Cemetery Hill and head towards Market Street entering the historic town of Dalton in Furness.

When entering Dalton in Furness, we advise walkers to stay on the route.

As walkers reach Tudor Square in Dalton, marshals will guide walkers up to Ulverston Road, exiting Dalton towards the A590.

The road is long and many a winding turn, that leads us to… the next part of the challenge.

When leaving Dalton, walkers will commence to Crooklands Brow. Please be aware that the pavement is only on the left hand side of the road. As walkers approach the roundabout on the A590 past Charnleys Garden Centre, walkers will be met by two marshals, these marshals will guide walkers across the road. Please note marshals can not stop the traffic, they are only there to assist walkers crossing the road.

Marshal assistance
Walker to use slip road

Leading back to A590
A590 approach
Marshal assistance to cross A590
Walkers to continue on Old A590 Road (from Melton Brow)
Next stop via Lindal and Swarthmoor, Ulverston

The rest of the route challenge takes walkers through Lindal and Swarthmoor. Please keep left on the pavement following the A590. There is no need to cross the road.

When leaving Lindal and entering Swarthmoor, the final mound of the challenge, mound 4 will become visible.

Please be aware of cattle on route.

The Ulverston Route. Final part of the challenge.

When approaching Ulverston, and passing Hill Foot Garden Centre a marshal will guide all walkers to use Daltongate to enter Ulverston.

Following Daltongate and keeping left, walkers will continue to Ulverston town centre

Descending from Daltongate to Market Street walkers will follow the cobble stone street to Union Street.

Once on Union Street, walkers will turn into Hart Street.

Walkers are to follow Hart Street until they reach Ford Park Crescent.  At Ford Park Crescent walkers will enter Ford Park.

Following Ford Park Road walkers will reach Ford Park Cafe where refreshments will be available, walkers can then head towards the final checkpoint which is Mound 4 The Hoad Monument.

Mound 4 – Final Mound – Hoad Monument

Checkpoint 4 – Base camp of Hoad Monument , Ulverston

Hoad Monument is a 100 ft (30.5 m) tower at the top of Hoad Hill, to the north-east of Ulverston. Paid for mainly by public subscription, the monument was erected in 1850 at a cost of £1250. It commemorates Sir John Barrow who was born in Ulverston in 1764. Sir John was a founder member of the Royal Geographical Society, and held various government posts in the 19th century becoming the Second Secretary to the Admiralty.

Walkers will check in at the Hoad base final checkpoint. Walkers will then proceed to climb to the top of the Hoad Monument.

After taking in the views of the bay, walkers will descend back to checkpoint 4, completing the 4 mounds challenge

All walkers that complete the challenge will receive a certificate of completion and a 4 Mounds medal in grateful appreciation and thanks for contributing to the success of the event.

4 Mounds Challenge FAQ`s

How much is it to register?

The cost of registration is free for this walk.

I am a slow walker, can I take part?

Of course! The 4 Mounds is not a race. We welcome all walkers of all capabilities.

Can wheelchair users enter?

Some parts of the walks will pose difficulties for wheelchair users. We would not discourage you from participating but you have to enter the walk with the knowledge that some parts may be challenging. Best thing to do is to contact the office or ring the event organiser m.07403778607 with regards to the specific walk and obtain further advice.

I do not have an email address – how will I know my entry has been accepted?

An email address is a compulsory field on our registration form. Barrow Blind Society does this because we send out emails with important information to all our walkers before the events. If you are unsure whether your registration has been successful, contact us via email or phone and we will check our systems manually.

Event Cancellation